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Are fillers safe?

Are fillers safe?

Are fillers safe?

Are fillers safe? The safety of filler injections longer depends on many factors. This is a quick and effective cosmetic procedure, but it also has many potential risks.

Filler injection is becoming a beauty trend that is trusted by women. In addition to the benefits of smoothing the skin and removing wrinkles, this is a less invasive, simple, no-cutlery method that leaves little scarring. However, the consequences of filler injections are also very dangerous when complications occur. Therefore, is filler injection safe? Or are filler injections harmful? The following article will analyze it for you to understand.

Filler injections at Jolie
Filler injections at Jolie

1. What are filler injections?

Are fillers safe? Filler is also known by many as a filler with the main ingredient being hyaluronic acid. With this compound, it is applied a lot in the beauty industry because of its remarkable effects such as extremely fast and impressive.

2. The effect of the filler injection

The effect of the filler injection
The effect of the filler injection

It is no coincidence that filler injections are chosen by so many women. To answer the question of whether filler injections are safe, let’s find out that this method has many positive effects on aesthetics:

  • Helping the skin to stretch, remove wrinkles is considered the biggest advantage when injecting filler. This method helps to fill in wrinkles, from which the skin becomes smooth and shiny. In addition, filler injections have the ability to significantly improve the signs of aging on the skin.
  • Filler injection will be performed directly on pitted scars to help fill indents and improve skin condition. Therefore, injecting filler will help the skin recovery process, improve pitted scars quickly.
  • Filler injections also help rejuvenate the skin and slow down the aging process on the skin. There are many types of fillers that have the effect of moisturizing, hydrating, and increasing collagen such as hyaluronic acid, collagen you can choose from. Your skin will be shiny, healthy, and slow down the skin aging process quickly.


3. Notes when injecting beauty fillers

Notes when injecting beauty fillers
Notes when injecting beauty fillers

Are fillers safe? Or are filler injections harmful? These are the questions that are of great concern to many women. Although filler injection has an effective and safe beauty effect, if not used correctly, it will inadvertently affect your health and beauty. Therefore, the following notes should be followed before injecting fillers that you should not ignore:

  • Find out clearly and accurately the origin and expiry date of the filler to be used. Absolutely do not use ready-made fillers, without labels of origin.
  • Use of fillers allowed on the list of the Ministry of Health. Currently, there are many reputable fillers that are widely licensed for use in our country and certified as safe by the Food Administrations.
  • Each type of filler will have a different effective time, on average from 6 months to 12 months. Therefore, each time you inject filler, you should ask your doctor to avoid affecting your health.
  • Each part will be used for a certain area. Therefore, you need to learn more carefully to bring the best effect. In addition, you should learn the cases where fillers should not be injected to avoid unfortunate situations. In particular, choosing a reputable and quality filler injection facility will help you feel more secure when injecting. Reputable places will bring the desired results.

4. Complications that can be encountered when injecting fillers

Are fillers harmful? This is a question a lot of people ask when performing this cosmetic method. When injected, some allergies may occur around the injection site, it appears for a certain period of time in about 5-7 days: Redness, swelling, inflammation, itching, bruising, typhus,…Some rare complications occur after injection such as:

  • Infection after filler injection for rhinoplasty
  • Allergic reaction after nose filler injection
  • The phenomenon of insertion, occlusion of blood vessels
  • Nose deformity after filler injection

5. What causes complications after filler injections?

What causes complications after filler injections
What causes complications after filler injections

After injecting fillers, complications occur that no one wants. But some common causes of complications. The body is irritated after injecting filler due to the use of poor quality filler, or being sensitive to some ingredients in the filler. Therefore, you should learn and understand the allergy history to avoid possible complications.

  • The filler injection process is not technically correct, the hygiene is not up to the standard.
  • Injecting in the wrong place, or injecting too close to a blood vessel, causes the filler to block the vessel, causing an embolism.
  • The filler injection process uses a dose that exceeds the safe threshold and the injection speed is too fast, causing the filler to overflow and not be shaped as desired.
  • The injection is not professional, the area of excess filler, the area of lack of filler or the filler injection is clumpy.
  • The filler injection pool is directly exposed to high temperatures immediately after injection, making the filler injection area difficult to shape, or irregularly shaped.

6. Some notes do not to inject filler

For those who often have some of these symptoms, fillers should not be injected to avoid unfortunate complications after injection:

  • The skin is often allergic or inflamed when using what compound?
  • Have a blood clotting disorder
  • Pregnant women, lactating mothers, children under 18 years old

In short, harmful filler injections no longer depend if you know carefully and choose reputable and quality facilities to perform. You should get screened to see if your body is allergic to filler compounds or not. As a result, unwanted side effects can be minimized.

Some notes do not to inject filler
Some notes do not to inject filler

In particular, to ensure that the filler injection is safe, you should pay attention not to abuse the filler but inject too many times, anything too much will not be good. The most effective is to let this substance dissolve under the skin and then continue to inject. Should go to reputable facilities to be examined and consulted for the next injection prone to scarring (keloids).

7. How to choose a safe place to inject fillers, minimizing risks.

To limit the risks when injecting filler or answer the question of whether filler injection is safe. Fillers need to be selected according to a number of criteria as follows:

  • Select an address with full operational documents.
  • Choose establishments that use fillers of clear origin.
  • Filler injection price.

8. Professional filler injection address

Jolie Beauty Clinic
Jolie Beauty Clinic

Above is some information Jolie Beauty Clinic shares to help you answer the question of whether filler injections are safe and are filler injections harmful. Therefore, to perform filler injection safely, you need to consult the advice of doctors from reputable facilities. Choosing the right filler helps you limit your risks.

For advice, please contact the hotline 09087078599.

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