Jawline Botox injection are gaining popularity in the beauty industry because it is a non-invasive, painless technique and does not take much time to recover. However, many people are still wondering whether Botox injections are safe for users’ health? Today, Jolie will share with you the knowledge you need to have before choosing a beauty service for yourself!


1. What is botox injection?


What is botox jaw injection
What is jawline botox injection?

Botox is the name of a company that produces Botulinum toxin for cosmetic treatment. Botox injections are more commonly used due to unwanted brevity and habit. But note that botox injection is essentially an injection of purified Botulinum toxin. The botox injection procedure is very simple. We only need to use a needle to inject the Botulinum toxin product into the muscle. Therefore, this method is less invasive to the client and less painful. In addition, this method is quite effective and applied in skin and cosmetic treatment. 


2. Why do botox injection slim the jaw? 


Injecting a slimming jaw botox inside will help the jaw muscle block, helping to slim and shape the jawline. The mechanism of action of botox is to use neurotransmitter inhibitors to relax muscles, shrink muscle mass, thereby bringing the desired slimming effect. The direct impact on the muscle area has inhibited the growth of the jaw and helped shrink the jaw.

In particular, botox has been certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and suitable for all skin types. Note, botox can only affect muscle areas, not the jawbones.

Therefore, if you encounter a case of an enlarged jawbone due to the skeleton but not the muscle area, then applying botox injections to the jaw will not be effective and you can only have jaw surgery to improve the condition above. 


3. Advantages of Jawline botox injection


Advantages of Botox Jaw Injections
Advantages of Jawline Botox Injection
  • Jawline botox injection will shorten the time to slim the face and save money compared to using the cutlery method to affect the face. 
  • Face slimming injection does not cause pain. The injection process takes place as you would a normal injection. The large or small facial muscles will determine the number of injections and the time of injection.
  • After injecting a slimming jaw, you will return to normal activities, can go to work right away without needing to rest. 
  • Your face not only becomes much slimmer, but blemishes such as skin, wrinkles are also improved, short chin, receding chin, .. also become fuller and more beautiful. 


4. How long does botox keep the jawline? 


Botox injection is a beauty method that is performed extremely quickly at cosmetic facilities in about 10-20 minutes. According to experts, botox injection is a safe, effective and low-risk beautification method. Therefore, you should not worry too much about the problem of “Is botox injection harmful?”.

Results of slimming jaw injection with botox will last from 6-8 months. There are also many people who can keep it longer depending on the location, the quality of the medicine and the skill of the doctor. 

After that time, you can continue to inject again if you want to maintain a slim face. To achieve the maximum effect and the longest maintenance time, you should seek advice from reputable cosmetic institutes. 


5. Note when injecting jawline botox


Note when injecting Botox jaw
Note when injecting jawline botox
  • – It is necessary to learn and choose an experienced doctor to perform botox injections to minimize the risk of performing this cosmetic method. 
  • – It is necessary to inform the doctor about the drugs you are using for advice in the early stages of Botox injection. 
  • – Do not engage in too vigorous activities after Botox injection. 
  • – Note the daily diet, avoid drinking carbonated water and alcohol in the first 3 days. – Stop using cosmetics, cleansers, and scrubs for at least 1 week. 
  • – Drink plenty of water to help the treatment area recover faster, healthier and smoother skin. Adding more fresh vegetables and fruits to the body to provide vitamins to help botox injections promote better efficiency.
  • – When injecting Botox in the cheeks, lips, nose, you should not wear glasses, or wear a mask that is too tight. Do not wear tight hats, do not dry your hair after injection.


6. Criteria for choosing a safe place to inject botox


In order to ensure that the method of compact botox injection will bring the expected results, you need to consider the following criteria to make a decision to choose our service. Which cosmetic facility: 

  • – First, choose the beauty center, a prestigious and famous beauty establishment from the past. 
  • – Second, choose places with doctors who have a high level of expertise in Botox.
  • – Third, addresses that use quality and genuine botox. 
  • – Fourth, the places that are reviewed for Botox injections are good. 


7. Why should you choose Jolie Beauty Clinic for Botox injection? 


Jolie Beauty Clinic
Jolie Beauty Clinic

With more than 7 years of experience and many branches nationwide, Jolie Beauty Clinic offers non-invasive, safe and effective solutions. We have satisfied hundreds of thousands of customers with Asia’s leading beauty treatments and health care products. 

Our team of highly qualified doctors, nurses and consultants can meet each of your unique needs, with the right treatment regimen and the most professional and safest care. 

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