Chin filler injection is a cosmetic method that helps to correct the defect of a low chin or a short chin to help create a balanced face without surgery. However, when choosing this beauty technique, quite a lot of people worry about how long it takes to inject filler to stabilize, how long to dissolve, is it safe, etc. The article will answer the above questions. 


1. What is Chin Filler Injection?


What is Chin Filler Injection
What is Chin Filler Injection

Fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, used to lift subcutaneous tissue or increase the size of cosmetic areas. Filler injection is a method of injecting filler into the area to be shaped. Filler is often used to remove wrinkles, remove smile lines, fill temples, increase buttocks size, orthopedic nose, chin, lips and cheeks.

Filler chin injection is a method of injecting filler for the chin area in an appropriate proportion and then aligning the injected filler to make the chin long, protruding and balanced compared to the overall face. The mechanism of filler chin injection is that the filler will fill in the missing tissue areas, increase the size to create the shape of the chin without invasive to the bone structure and without affecting health.

The time for filler injection is only about 15-20 minutes. However, to ensure safety and effectiveness, when there is a need to inject fillers for the chin, you need to find a reputable beauty facility, using quality fillers of clear origin to achieve high efficiency best. 


2. Subjects should inject Filler to slim the chin 


Subjects should inject Filler to slim the chin
Subjects should inject Filler to slim the chin

Filler injection for the chin is applied in cases such as: 

  • The chin is low, thin, and short at a mild level.
  • Desire to have a beautiful natural chin but do not want to undergo surgery. 
  • Have had filler chin injection, want to inject again to keep the chin shape. 
  • Want a longer chin to make the face more attractive, the angle is more perfect. 

If you have the following problems, you should not inject filler chin: 

  • The skin is irritated, inflamed due to rash, hives, acne, skin infection. 
  • Allergies to the ingredients on the drug label. 
  • The skin is prone to scarring. 
  • Pregnant and lactating people. 


3. Advantages of Chin Filler Injection 


Filler chin injection has many advantages such as: 

  • After injection, the chin area immediately becomes full and balanced, creating the desired V-line chin shape, leaving no scars. under the chin and no bleeding.
  • Filler injection does not make the muscles on the face stiff, so it does not affect the expression of the face, you can still express comfortably and naturally. 
  • Filler injection for the chin is absolutely safe, does not need to be dissected, so it does not cause pain. 
  • After chin injection with filler, you do not need to take time to rest and can immediately return to normal activities and work. 

How long does chin injection take to dissolve? In fact, filler injections only maintain results for 12-24 months. After that time, the filler will gradually dissolve and you should inject again to maintain the beauty effect.


4. The injection procedures perform Filler injection to slim the chin 



  • Step 1: The doctor checks, examines and advises the client’s condition. Each different customer will be advised on the most suitable chin shape and combined with the customer’s wishes to make a final decision. For customers who have had surgery or have had chin injections, the doctor needs to consider the current situation to know whether to inject melt first or use any suitable filler. 
  • Step 2: Customers check the filler in place, check the barcode if desired to ensure safety before injecting. 
  • Step 3: A skilled doctor performs filler injections, injecting in a safe, sterile environment, taking about 15-20 minutes.
  • Step 4: The doctor advises the customer about the notes after the injection to keep the chin shape beautiful and long, and how to handle some cases that may arise after the injection.


5. How long does it take to stabilize the Filler injection?


Normally, after injecting filler for about 2-3 hours, customers can return to normal state. However, for the filler to enter the body stably and naturally, it takes about 24 hours, which can be extended for another 1-2 days depending on the location and the ability to absorb the filler of each person. 

This is the stage when the filler begins to fix, take effect and stimulate collagen production for the skin. Stable filler time depends on location and post-injection care. After that, the effect is maintained for 12-24 months.

However, there are still a few cases where after 3 – 5 days of filler injection, the injection area has not reduced swelling, lost its naturalness, even bruised or festered. In this case, you need to see a doctor to check immediately, to avoid the risk of complications. 


6. Why Should You Get Filler Injections at Jolie Beauty Clinic


Jolie Beauty Clinic
Jolie Beauty Clinic
  • Jolie Beauty Clinic owns a team of highly qualified and skilled cosmetologists and they especially have long experience in the cosmetology industry. 
  • Here we use high quality Filler with clear origin. Commitment filler does not contain toxic ingredients, does not cause side effects, as well as complications for customers’ lips. 
  • Filler injection at Jolie at a very affordable price, competitive in the cosmetic market, suitable for many customer groups. 
  • The Filler injection procedure always ensures medical safety standards, and is performed in a 100% sterile operating room. Therefore, every customer does not have to worry when using chin beautification services at Jolie.