Surely every woman wants to have beautiful eyes, but the aging body will make the eyes no longer as beautiful as before. Eyebags filler injections under the eyes is a method to help women effectively overcome dark circles, wrinkles, and deep eye sockets, in the most effective way. 

So how to inject filler effectively and safely, the following article will answer all your questions! 


1. What is eyebags Filler Injection? 


What is Eye Bags Filler Injection
What is Eyebags Filler Injection?

Filler injection is a safe method of filling puffiness, without surgery, without affecting health. The doctor will affect the dark circles, deep concave areas of the eyes to fill them, and bring high aesthetic effects.

The filler here is HA collagen which is injected into the skin in small amounts with a specialized needle. After being put into the body, this compound will be filled, forming a thick tissue mass to cover deep concave positions and erase wrinkles. 

Who can go for Eyebags Filler Injection

  • People with concave, sunken eye sockets. 
  • Women entering middle age experience aging .
  • People with dark circles under the eyes, sagging. 
  • Cases with deep concave lower eyelids are less charming. 
  • Eye filler injection is for those who want to own beautiful, natural and younger eyes. 


2. Advantages of eyebags filler Injections 


Fast implementation time, only 20 minutes has achieved outstanding effect. Filler has a high compatibility with the body, does not cause irritation, and has no side effects after implementation . Helps to remove wrinkles, inject smiley eyes, fill puffiness, remove dark circles, and help rejuvenate the whole face. Do not have cutlery, do not cause downtime. Immediate effect, long lasting results with high compatibility in the body. 


3. Filler injection process to treat dark circles 


In order for the filler injection results to be successful and safe for customers, the implementing facility must ensure that they comply with the medical standard process according to the steps. down here:

  • Step 1: Customers will directly see a specialist to examine and determine the condition of puffiness as well as eye defects. From there, you will be advised by the doctor on the method of injecting filler with the most suitable dose for the condition of your eyes or dark circles under your eyes.  
  • Step 2: The doctor will conduct a physical examination to screen, test the body’s response to the filler compound to prevent risks when the filler is eliminated. Besides, both due to the blood pressure and heart rate of the customer to be able to start.  
  • Step 3: Use medical instruments to mark the injection site for the client, then disinfect the instrument, disinfect the skin to be injected, and numb the pain when injecting filler into the eye bags. 
  • Step 4: The doctor uses a specialized injector to take a sufficient amount of filler and then inject it directly into the skin under the eye bags, the places marked initially. The injection process is quick, with only 20 minutes and there is no pain during the injection process 
  • Step 5: The last step, the doctors will review and guide you on reasonable care and living steps.


4. Are eyebags fillers injection safe? 


Many women worry after performing Filler injections under eye bags. In fact, although it is performed non-invasively with high safety, many women still feel uneasy because they have witnessed many cases of faulty Filler injections. Injecting fillers, if you do not follow important rules, can have adverse health effects.

There are many cases of using filler of poor quality, without a clear origin, which leads to a phenomenon that is difficult to absorb and affects health. 

Experts recommend that, whether you inject filler or botox, you should find out the most reputable clinic address to perform.

Make sure that the clinic has a team of highly skilled and certified doctors.

After injecting eye fillers, you need to listen and follow the most reasonable way of living and cleaning at home. Only then will the new effect work to help you have the beautiful eyes you want. 


5. Why should you inject Eyebags Filler? 


Why should you inject Eye Filler
Why should you inject Eyebags Filler

If conventional beauty and skin care methods need a long time to bring beauty effects, then Filler injection is considered a non-invasive method with quick implementation time, no pain, no swelling. It only takes 10-20 minutes to make an injection and you will see the beauty effect immediately. 

In addition, you also do not need to take too much time to rest, you can still maintain all work as usual after Filler injection.

Scientists have also proven that fillers are highly compatible fillers for the body, after injection you will not experience side effects or complications affecting health. 


6. How long does eyebags filler injection last? 


How long it takes to inject filler under the eyes will depend on many different factors. One of the most important factors is the influence of your body. Fillers only work to help you rejuvenate your skin, but cannot prevent the aging process from happening, so if the body’s aging process happens too quickly, the effect of fillers only lasts for a long time. 

Jolie Beauty Clinic
Jolie Beauty Clinic

In addition, the body’s adaptation is also one of the reasons for the long-lasting effect of fillers. Because it is just a filler, after being injected into the body, the filler will start the process of decomposition and elimination in the most natural way without affecting the user’s health. 

Usually, after each filler injection, it will work within 10-12 months and then it will be completely eliminated. However, for well-adapted bodies, this period can be increased to 2 years. After the above time, you can still go to the beauty salon to inject filler miles if you want to stay young and radiant.

Above are the safe information and instructions for injecting filler under eye bags, hoping to help you gain more beauty knowledge for yourself. In addition, if you want advice on safe filler injection methods, you can directly contact Jolie Beauty Clinic via hotline 09087078499 for more advice.