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How much do filler injections cost?

How much do filler injections cost?

How much do filler injections cost?

Filler injection is an invasive cosmetic procedure to remove wrinkles and fill certain parts of the body. This is a beautification method that is receiving the favor of everyone thanks to the vibrant beauty it brings. When learning about filler injections, the concern of many people is the cost to pay for this beautification method. So how much does filler injection cost on the market today?

1. Factors affecting the price of filler injections.

In fact, there will be no exact answer to the question of how much filler injection costs. There are many factors that affect the cost of filler injections such as injection site, dose and filler quality.

How much filler is injected depends on the location and reputation as well as the quality of the facility that injects the filler.

1.1. Filler injection site

Filler injection site
Filler injection site

How much filler is injected will vary depending on the area where the filler is injected due to the change in the injection dose. Lip filler injections usually cost less than other areas such as nose filler injection or chin filler injection. Among the areas of the face, filler injections to fill the sunken cheeks have the highest price because the amount of filler needed for this service is more than other areas.

In addition to facial positions, filler can also be injected into parts such as the hollow of the buttocks, injecting filler to shape Buddha’s ears… The price of filler injections for these parts is also calculated by the dose of filler injected. for customers.

1.2. Quality of filler used

Currently, many filler injection facilities grasp the consumer’s preference for cheap, so they have organized filler injection services at a cheaper price than the common level of the market. However, in order to get cheap filler injection service and still make a profit, these facilities use poor quality fillers to reduce costs. This directly affects the health of consumers. The quality of the filler is the biggest factor that affects the price of filler injections. The higher the quality of the filler, the higher the price the customer has to pay, in return, the customer can be assured of the safety of the filler. Fillers with clear origins and tested by regulatory agencies to allow use also have a higher price than untested fillers.

1.3. Amount of filler injected

How much filler injection will be calculated according to the amount of filler used for the area to be injected in 1 cc units. Depending on the area as well as the extent of the defect to be improved, the doctor at the filler injection facility will specify the specific dose of filler to be injected. Therefore, everyone should visit reputable facilities for specific advice and safety for their own health.

2.  Should I choose cheap filler injection sites?

Filler injection is an invasive beauty method that requires many technical requirements, people are not recommended to use cheap filler injection services. Many people because they want to save beauty costs without knowing how much filler injection costs in the market but just want to

choose cheap filler injection services, but this is a job that has many potential risks that directly affect the skin to the injector.

Should I choose cheap filler injection sites
Should I choose cheap filler injection sites

2.1. Filler injections cost? Cheap filler injections do not ensure filler quality

Many establishments provide filler injection services at low prices to attract customers. However, the fastest way to reduce the cost of filler injections and still make the injector profitable is to use poor quality fillers. Fillers without labels, unknown origin and untested will be used to reduce the cost of filler injection services.

2.2. Unexperienced doctors and Practitioners

At establishments that provide low-cost filler injection services, the people who directly perform filler injections for customers are usually practitioners who have not much experience or experience. With little knowledge as well as unstable skills, the salary for these practitioners is usually not

high. Therefore, the injector can minimize expenses and lower the cost of filler injection.

Filler injection is safe or not depends on the skill of the doctor. Although the filler injection technique is simple, it requires meticulousness and high expertise in the anatomical structure of the body to

master the injection, avoiding the injection into the surrounding areas, causing vascular blockage or non-standard shaping

2.3. Filler injections cost? Consequences of cheap filler injections

Tapping into the customer’s desire to beautify and save money, cheap beauty services are growing day by day. In particular, cheap Filler with only a few hundred thousand dong is attracting the attention of many women. However, since then, more and more cases of cosmetic complications occur.

As a smart customer, you need to answer the question of whether cheap filler injections are worth the experience and then the trade-offs. Only then can you beautify in the safest way. Some of the complications associated with cheap filler injections are warned include:

▪ Painful swelling, prolonged bruising of the skin after a cheap filler injection procedure.

▪ The infection causes extensive necrosis of the skin compared to the injection site.

▪ Deformity of the face due to incorrect injection technique, injection overdose.

▪ Angioplasty or embolism caused by fillers injected near a blood vessel or injected into the blood vessels. May lead to permanent blindness if the injection area is near the eyes such as forehead filler, nose.

3. How much does filler injection cost for each injection site?

How much does filler injection cost for each injection site
How much does filler injection cost for each injection site

With the increasing demand for aesthetic shaping and many types of fillers on the market, finding out the price of filler injection is not surprising. Many filler companies in the US, Korea, Germany have different prices, and are applied to many parts of the body such as lip filler injection, V line chin shaping, nose filler injection, etc. It is impossible to determine the specific price if you ask how much filler injection costs, but it will depend on the customer’s defects, the doctor will advise the appropriate amount of filler, ensuring the safest and most effective.

Therefore, the price of filler injection will be calculated based on how much CC filler does. According to cosmetologists, 1CC = 1ml and the price of 1CC for each type of filler is also different. the filler injection price will range from 8 to 15 million. For detailed information on how much filler injection costs, let’s find out the content below according to our latest updates, from which you will make the best choice.

4. Jolie Clinic – A cosmetic facility that performs prestigious filler injection services

Jolie Beauty Clinic
Jolie Beauty Clinic

When deciding to use filler injections to improve beauty, people should choose reputable addresses to limit risks. The leading beauty clinic Jolie Beauty Clinic will be a reliable facility when it comes to filler injection services. With a mission to awaken the hidden beauty of each person, Jolie Clinic always tries to bring the best and most modern beauty services.

For advice, please contact the hotline 09087078599!

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