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How long will Filler injections last?

How long will Filler injections last?

How long will Filler injections last?

1. What are Filler injections?

What are Filler injections
What are Filler injections

How long will filler injections last? Filler contains a Hyaluronic Acid that will make the skin smoother. In addition, people also inject filler to shape some points on the face (without surgery) such as filler injection to lift the nose, filler injection to create baby cheeks, filler injection to fill lips. Unlike botox, which inhibits the wrinkle formation process, fillers help fill in wrinkles and create thick tissue underneath wrinkles to help the face become smoother.

Some commonly used fillers in cosmetology include: Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra, Restylane, Teosyal.

2. How long will Filler injections last ?

How long will filler injections last? Depending on the area where filler is injected on the body, how to take care of the aesthetic area and the time of living, the filler injection time in each person will have a different maintenance time. The average term is usually 6-24 months. However, if you take good care of the aesthetic area and live in moderation, the effect of filler injections can be extended for another 6 months. After this time, the biological filler will be eliminated according to the body’s natural mechanism and the aesthetic area will return to its original size. At this point, you can continue to inject filler to recreate the old shape or choose a new shape that matches the fashion trend.

3. Effects of filler in beauty

How long will Filler injections last? Effects of filler in beauty
How long will Filler injections last? Effects of filler in beauty
  • Filling wrinkles: helps to erase the wrinkles of tear lines, nasolabial folds, deep wrinkles between the eyebrows, the corners of the mouth etc. After injection, almost immediately you will feel the skin is smooth and shiny still wrinkles.
  • Skin rejuvenation, non-surgical facelift: Hyaluronic acid is actually hydrated particles, so when injected into the skin, it will help the skin stretch, smooth and look more alive. This treatment can be applied to rejuvenate the skin of the hands, rejuvenate the skin of the neck.
  • Lip plumping: This treatment helps your lips have a clear contour and look softer, pushing the philtrum also higher making you look a few years younger. Many young girls today also love to use fillers to make their lips look plump and fuller.
  • Lifting the nose, chin augmentation: With the effective mechanism of filling, lifting and shaping tissue, filler will help shape a delicate nose or a lovely chin quickly without pain due to cutlery. However, this procedure requires skills, skilled hands of experienced plastic surgeons.
  • Filling and rejuvenating the breast skin: A little filler injected into the triangle between the 2 breasts will make the skin here smoother and fresher. In some cases, autologous fillers (from fat) even help you have a fuller breast without surgery.

 4. Do filler injections affect health?

Do filler injections affect health
Do filler injections affect health

After understanding more about this beauty measure, many of you intend to go for filler injections to help improve skin condition, but do not know if filler injection has any health effects.

  • Filler is made from Hyaluronic acid that is highly compatible with the body, so when injecting filler into the skin there will be no phenomenon of rejection and will not cause any irritation and side effects to the body.
  • The filler compound also contains Polylactic Acid which helps in collagen production. Therefore, after the injection, the site is filled with no side effects, no adverse reactions.

Thereby, it can be said that filler injection is completely harmless to health, so you can rest assured when choosing this method of beautification with filler.

However, the risk of injecting fillers no longer depends on many factors other than those from the filler. Are the factors affecting filler injection dangerous? such as location, facility or performance address, whether the performance specialist at the place you choose is quality and safe.

Currently, there are still many cases of damaged, harmful, and irritating skin problems after filler injections are performed, so customers are bewildered.

  • Most of the time when filler injection happens, there is a problem which comes from choosing the wrong cosmetic facility. Choosing a place to perform filler injection is not trustworthy, making you think that the filler is not good, endangering your health, face, and damaging the beauty of the outside.
  • If the filler is not of good quality, the origin is unknown, and the staff lacks knowledge , the customer may experience unexpected events and side effects.
  • The mode of cleaning and sterilizing tools and items used in the beauty room to perform filler injections, is not up to standard.
  • These are some of the reasons that make filler injections more dangerous and cause more serious defects than the original.
  • In short, the answer that filler injection is dangerous does not depend on you choosing the right cosmetic place (a team of skilled and experienced doctors, disinfection clinic, quality fillers) to perform.

5. Notes when injecting filler.

How long will filler injections last? Filler injection is becoming more and more popular because of its relatively low cost compared to other types of plastic surgery, but this method brings immediate results with a simple implementation that does not take too much time. However, before choosing to beautify with this technique, you can not ignore the notes when injecting filler below.

5.1. Notes before injecting filler

Filler injection is a safe beauty method with quick results and absolutely no impact on health. However, special attention should be paid to the following before performing filler injections to avoid unfortunate consequences:

  • Accurately determine the origin and expiry date of the filler
  • Absolutely do not use filler that has been opened before, without a protective label.
  • Before choosing a filler type, consider consulting your doctor before deciding to inject because some fillers are only used for a certain area. Make sure to use the correct filler for the best results.
  • Filler is not suitable for injection in case of pregnant women, or chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes …
  • Another particularly important note is choosing a reputable and safe filler injection site, a qualified doctor to understand the structure of muscle tissue from which to have the most accurate indications and manipulations. . Provides the most effective wrinkle removal and shaping effect.

5.2. Notes after injecting fillers

  • Do not expose to direct sunlight, limit stay in high temperature conditions such as saunas.
  • Do not massage, do not touch the position that has just been shaped with filler to avoid the filler being deflected when the injection is not fixed and attached to the muscle tissue.
  • Avoid applying makeup at the injection site
  • Limit the use of alcohol and stimulants
  • Avoid foods that cause allergies

6. Quality filler injection address

Quality filler injection address
Quality filler injection address

When deciding to use filler injections to improve beauty, people should choose reputable addresses to limit risks. The leading beauty clinic Jolie Clinic will be a reliable facility when it comes to filler injection services. With a mission to awaken the hidden beauty of each person, Jolie Beauty Clinic always tries to bring the best and most modern beauty services. For advice, please contact the hotline 09087078599

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