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Should fillers be injected? The truth about filler injection

Should fillers be injected? The truth about filler injection

Should fillers be injected? The truth about filler injection

Recently, Filler injection methods are becoming a trend to improve the appearance of your choice. Those of you who are intending to perform this beauty method must have many questions, with many searched questions. In which, the question of Should fillers be injected is not the most searched, so let’s find the answer right below this article!

1. What is filler?

Filler is made up of mainly Hyaluronic Acid content, which is a substance that exists in everyone’s body. When injected into the body they are quickly absorbed, thanks to the soft gel texture that helps penetrate deep into the skin. 

What is filler
What is filler?

Fillers have a structure similar to the structure of the human body, so they give you the effect of filling, firming as well as improving and correcting skin imperfections. 

Because of this feature, the effect of filler injection is usually fast-acting, extremely benign for all skin types and does not cause any allergies or irritation to the body. When the filler enters the body, the near but subcutaneous tissues immediately form a fuller part of the face.

After performing the filler injection, you can immediately feel the difference as well as the change. Feel the skin firm, smooth, plump and imperfections such as wrinkles and age spots also fade away.

So do you think you Should fillers be injected?

2. Should fillers be injected? What are the advantages of filler injection? 

What are the advantages of filler injection
What are the advantages of filler injection?

Before coming to the question, Should fillers be injected? Then you should learn about this beauty remedy. Filler injection is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Using a simple trick with a specialized needle, by putting it in the position that needs to be improved and beautified. 

The filler before use has been tested, studied for safety, suitable for customers, so it has a high body compatibility. Fillers help you improve facial defects, with some common uses of fillers as follows:

  • Lip filler helps customers own plump lips, clear lines and a balanced lip shape, in harmony with the face. 
  • Fill the part (temporary chin) with filler. 
  • Filler injection helps to overcome the signs of aging on the skin such as: wrinkles, annoying puffiness in the eyes, crow’s feet, to help the skin become more firm.

3. Should fillers be injected? The truth about Filler injection 

The truth about Filler injection
The truth about Filler injection

After understanding more about this beauty measure, many of you intend to go for filler injections to help improve skin condition, but do not know if Filler injection has any effect and should Filler be injected?

  • Filler is made from Hyaluronic acid, with high compatibility with the body, so when injecting filler into the skin, there will be no phenomenon of rejection and will not cause any irritation and side effects to the body. 
  • The filler compound also contains Polylactic Acid which helps in collagen production. Therefore, after the injection, the site is filled with no side effects, no adverse reactions. 

Thereby, it can be said that filler injection is not dangerous at all, so you can rest assured when choosing this method of beautification with filler.

However, the risk of injecting fillers no longer depends on many factors other than those from the filler. Are the factors affecting filler injection dangerous: such as location, facility or performance on how they put the filler. 

In short, the answer to whether the performance specialist at the place you choose will give you a quality and safe procedure. Filler injection is dangerous and does depend on you choosing the right cosmetic place (a team of skilled and experienced doctors, disinfection clinic, quality fillers) to perform. Are you currently injecting fillers or not?

4. Where to inject Filler for safety, effectiveness and low cost

Jolie Beauty Clinic
Jolie Beauty Clinic

You are intending to go for Filler injection but don’t know which Clinic is effective, safe and low cost. Jolie Beauty Clinic is the right choice for you. 

The things that attract customers to Jolie Clinic for beautification are because of the prestigious and top quality brand in the beauty industry here in the Philippines. With the mission, to beautify life and beautify people, to put health first but still be beautiful. When coming to Jolie, you not only experience the quality of service, but also ensure the interests of customers.

We are a pioneer facility with safe imported fillers, licensed and certified by the Ministry of Health. At the same time, with a team of experienced doctors in the beauty industry, we always bring you the most natural beauty. 

Above, is some information on the topic of Should fillers be injected. Hopefully, Jolie can help you find a reputable and quality cosmetic facility. Wish you soon overcome the disadvantages to return to a beautiful and confident appearance this coming Christmas!

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