Are you looking for a solution to the problem of smiling and having wrinkles around your mouth that make you look older? Therefore, smile line filler injection to help remove wrinkles is the choice for you. 

So is using Filler for beauty really safe for the health of the user? Moreover, the price of Filler injection and how much cc is needed for injecting smile grooves are the questions that women are wondering. 

Understanding that, today Jolie will send you the beauty experience with the most popular Filler injection method today. Don’t miss this post! 


1. The reason why the smile line appears


The smile line is also considered a large wrinkle on the face, the deeper the laugh line, the older the face is. Therefore, to overcome this situation we need to know the cause of the appearance of the smile line. 

The reason why the smile line appears
The reason why the smile line appears
  • Due to aging: When people enter the aging age, or premature aging causes the connective tissues to be broken, the skin is less elastic and firm, leading to the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, including a laughing groove. 
  • Due to genetics: The nasolabial folds also form from genetic causes from parents. Therefore, if you see these wrinkles appear early, you will also cause it
  • Due to collagen deficiency: This is the main cause of nasolabial folds. According to scientific studies, from the age of 30 onwards, if we do not know how to take care of the skin, the process of collagen formation and development will decrease gradually, causing collagen deficiency. And one of the most obvious manifestations of this condition is the appearance of laugh lines, due to the skin tissue cells not being supplied with the necessary amount of collagen. 
  • Due to facial expressions: You can see that when we laugh, cry or express any unpleasant emotions, happy or sad, the face appears with dynamic wrinkles. If these expressions are overactive, it will cause nasolabial fold wrinkles to appear.
  • Skin that is not cared for and protected against UV rays: Fast or slow aging skin depends greatly on your skin care process. Therefore, if skin care is not careful, and does not protect the skin from the sun, the skin will age quickly, leading to the appearance of wrinkles. 

In addition to the above reasons, the appearance of smile lines also comes from other reasons such as unscientific living hours, inadequate nutrition, incorrect sleeping posture, etc. To fill wrinkles on the nose and cheeks Then using Filler injection method is one of the fastest and most effective solutions.


2. Advantages of the smile lines filler method 


Although the Filler injection method cannot permanently erase the smile line, in return this technique possesses many outstanding advantages. Therefore, it is still used by women. Specifically, those advantages are: 


2.1. No surgery, no cutlery, no pain 


smile line filler no pain
Smile line filler: no pain

In the process of injecting filler, the doctor only uses a specialized needle to put the Filler into the smile groove. Therefore, the method of Filler injection does not affect invasive intervention, no surgery, as well as no use of cutlery during the injection process. In addition, before injecting the smile line filler, the doctor will anesthetize the laugh line area, so the customer will not feel pain when injecting.

At the same time, because the injection process has only a slight impact, after the anesthesia wears off, the client will not feel pain but only a slight sting. This advantage is very suitable for those who are afraid of surgery, afraid of pain, or the body cannot withstand the impact of surgery. 


2.2. No downtime needed


Filler, when inserted into the smile groove, will quickly adapt and shape. At the same time, the doctor only injects into one location, so it will not leave any cosmetic marks, as well as cause no pain or invasiveness. Therefore, after injecting Filler, customers can live, work or go out normally. 


2.3. Only 20 minutes process


Although we have to rely on whether the groove is deep or shallow, we can know the injection time in each person. But in general, Filler injection time to fill the smile line will take about 20-30 minutes. Therefore, for those who are too busy and do not have time for plastic surgery, please refer to the method of Filler injection to fill the smile line to save time. 


2.4 Cheaper cost compared to other beauty treatments 


Smile line filler injections are many times cheaper than surgery. This method helps you save money and you can easily inject three fillers if you feel the results are not satisfactory. Plastic surgery is often more expensive, and corrections are more complicated. 


3. How many cc is needed for a smile line filler injection?



According to doctors, how much cc is injected depends on the aging status as well as the facial characteristics of each customer. Not always injecting a lot of Filler will bring good results.

Although this is a fairly safe substance for the body, an overdose or improper technique can still cause many complications such as the filler being clumped, difficult to move and causing blood vessel occlusion, seriously affecting the body. health. 

If you need an estimate of how many cc to inject, the answer is about 1-2 cc. This is the average number used in most cases of injection to remove smile lines or remove wrinkles in the tail area to make the face more youthful.


4. How much does a smile line filler cost?


Price is a prominent advantage that makes many women choose the method of Filler injection. Normally, the cost of Filler injection service will depend on Filler dosage, Filler quality, and Filler injection address. 

The deeper the laugh groove, the more Filler you use, the more it will cost. And of course, injecting Filler at reputable places with safe Filler injection services, the cost will be higher than those operating underground, injecting low-quality Filler. 

Jolie Beauty Clinic
Jolie Beauty Clinic

How much does a smile line cost? As analyzed, when injecting to remove the smile line, it is necessary to use about 1-2cc of filler. If you use the laugh line Filler injection service at a reputable facility with a good doctor directly injecting, this price will be quite high. However, despite the high price, it is reasonable to use quality, safe and highly skilled drugs, right?

Smile Filler injection is a beauty method to help you look much younger than your current age. So do not hesitate and find yourself the most prestigious address to delight in beautifying yourself. Jolie Beauty Clinic is a prestigious beauty facility in the Philippines for your reference!