Sunken temples due to aging will make the face look old and less sharp. To overcome this situation, many people choose to have temples Filler injection. However, not everyone knows how much this service costs to make the right choices. 

The following article Jolie will help you answer this question as well as issues related to Filler. Check it out now! 


1. Find out what is a temples filler injection? 


Find out what is a temples filler injection?
Find out what is a temples filler injection?

Temples Filler Injection is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that fills the temples by injecting Filler into the sunken temples. After only 15-20 minutes you will clearly see the improvement results, the sunken areas, concave in the temples will be flattened, and the face will be harmoniously balanced.

Filler is a filler that is mainly composed of Hyaluronic Acid. It works to smooth wrinkles, sunken spots on the face, and prevent the appearance of signs of aging on the skin. 

Therefore, injecting Filler into the temples will help improve the face balance, harmony and youthfulness. 


2. Advantages of temple filler injection 


It can be seen that temporal filler injection is a great step forward in the cosmetic industry, because it has many outstanding advantages. As a result, it is loved and used by many women. 

Specifically, the advantages of the Filler injection service to correct the temples are as follows: 


2.1 No surgery, no cutlery, no pain


This is probably an advantage that women who are afraid of surgery, afraid of cutlery love. Because during the process of injecting Filler, the doctor only uses a specialized needle with a micro-needle tip to bring the Filler into the temple. Therefore, the injection method is non-ablative, non-invasive, and non-surgical.

Besides, before injecting Filler, the doctor will numb the temple area, so that during the Filler injection process, there is no pain. After the anesthetic wears off, the client may feel a slight sting at the injection site, but it should still be painless. Therefore, every customer who has a concave defect in the temple area but is afraid of pain during plastic surgery can choose the method of shaping the temples with Filler. 


2.2. No downtime, quick injection and recovery time


Advantages of temple filler injection
Advantages of temple filler injection

It is also because the Filler injection service is non-surgical, with only a small impact at an injection site. Therefore, after injecting Filler, customers can live and work normally without needing to rest. 

Besides, the process of aligning temples with Filler only takes about 20-30 minutes, this time is very quick, saving a lot of time for busy people. This advantage is very suitable for those who are busy, do not have much free time to relax for a long time during surgery. 


2.3. Safe, no complications


Perhaps many women will be worried when they read a lot of bad information about the Filler injection method. However, if you choose a reputable Filler injection facility, use a good Filler, have a team of highly qualified and skilled doctors, you will not have to worry about complications when injecting Temple filler. 

Because good quality filler is usually structured mainly of Hyaluronic Acid, it does not contain harmful substances. It is similar to a substance that exists naturally in the body. Therefore, it is very easy to adapt to the body, does not cause complications, or harms the skin. 


2.4. Filler injection also helps to rejuvenate the skin, anti-aging


In addition to filling temples, the Filler injection method also helps the skin to fight signs of aging, smoothing out deep wrinkles in the temple area. Thanks to that, the overall face has a marked change after injecting Filler temples. Face shape is not only balanced and harmonious but also youthful compared to age.


3. What is the safe procedure for injecting Filler in the temples at Jolie Beauty Clinic?


In order to ensure safety and bring results to customers, the temporal filler injection procedure must be performed by a highly qualified esthetician in accordance with medical safety standards. Specifically, the process of injecting Filler temples takes place as follows: 

  • Step 1: The doctor examines the health, analyzes the state of the temple and advises the customer what to know about the method of adjusting the temples with Filler. 
  • Step 2: Clean the temple skin, disinfect then incubate the area to be injected for about 30 minutes. 
  • Step 3: The doctor injects Filler into the temple area to adjust the face balance, the face shape is in harmony with nature. 
  • Step 4: The doctor advises on care and some notes after Filler injection.


4. How long do temples filler injections last? 


As analyzed, filler injections do not bring permanent effects but will gradually dissolve, self-eliminating from the body after a while. How long the effect lasts will depend on the care as well as the type of filler you use. On average, filler injections can help fill in the temples for about 6-12 months.

 In some reputable centers, using good filler material can even keep up to 18 months. After this time, the customer must return to the salon to inject miles if they want to continue to maintain the effect. 


5. Filler injections are safe and effective at Jolie Beauty Clinic


As recommended in the above content, choosing a cosmetic facility to inject Filler to correct the temples is very important. Choose a place that provides reputable cosmetic services, good service quality, you will be injected directly by good cosmetologists, and also injected with a safe-proven Filler type. Therefore, Jolie Beauty Clinic is a brand name worth your reference and use of the service.

Jolie Beauty Clinic
Jolie Beauty Clinic
  • Jolie Beauty Clinic owns a team of highly qualified and skilled cosmetologists and they especially have long experience in the cosmetology industry. 
  • Here we use high quality Filler with clear origin. Commitment filler does not contain toxic ingredients, does not cause side effects, as well as complications for customers’ temple. 
  • Filler injection at Jolie at a very affordable price, competitive in the cosmetic market, suitable for many customer groups. 
  • The Filler injection procedure always ensures medical safety standards, and is performed in a 100% sterile operating room. Therefore, every customer does not have to worry when using temple beauty services at Jolie.