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What is filler? Should you inject filler?

What is filler? Should you inject filler?

What is filler? Should you inject filler?

What is filler? Filler is often used to create high cheekbones, fill in sunken cheeks, fill in earlobes, fill in concave areas, correct crooked curves below the knee to help legs look more balanced and straight… Filler is also used to rejuvenate hands, turn sinewy hands into fullness.

In particular, men are very fond of nose and ear injections. Large, thick earlobes will show the appearance of a virtuous, successful man. In many countries, women are very fond of lip injections not only to make them fuller but also to create a new shape.

1. What is filler?

What is filler?
What is filler?

What is filler? Filler Injection is the method of full-height, non-dispersive aesthetic. This is the most commonly used cosmetic procedure on the face. However, filler injections are also suitable for different parts of the body.

Filler has a main ingredient of hyaluronic acid. They are formulated to be injected below the surface of the skin to add volume and improve the appearance of fullness and firmness.

2. Pros and cons when injecting beauty fillers.

Filler injection is a safe and quick method, but it also has certain advantages and disadvantages.


  • Fast execution time;
  • No pain, no swelling;
  • No bleeding, no scarring or complications;
  • Safe
  • It is completely possible to fix it right after the injection if the customer is not satisfied;
  • The body recovers quickly


  • The effect is not permanent, only 2-4 years;
  • Only suitable for certain areas of the body.

3. What is filler? The effect of filler injection.

Nowadays women who want to have natural beauty without doing any surgery,  filler injection is definitely a perfect choice. The filler injection not only helps you have a thick, attractive lips, a chubby baby cheeks or a high nose, etc, but the filler also helps you have a smooth skin without wrinkles. or even increase the size of some parts of the body.

4. What is filler? The safest fillers are the most commonly used today

The safest fillers are the most commonly used today
The safest fillers are the most commonly used today

There are some suggestions for women about the most commonly used safe fillers today:

  • Filler Juvederm – France: Juvederm is considered a safe and effective filler line that is widely used worldwide. This filler line has been tested by the US FDA for quality and licensed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health because of its outstanding advantages such as no irritation or complications on the skin; use simple, non-surgical operation; safe, painless,…
  • Filler Losdeline – Czech Republic: is the number 1 high-end beauty product in Europe with a commitment to maintain its effectiveness for 6-8 years. Losdeline is a super product specializing in buttock augmentation, breast augmentation and shaping, correcting facial contours. Filler Losdeline helps to increase the size of breasts and buttocks, shape and correct facial contours, make the rings more plump and firm with a commitment to absolute safety, no harm.
  • Filler Restylane: Restylane is a line of fillers with a structure similar to Hyaluronic Acid that exists naturally in the human body, proud to be a brand that provides products that are formulated for each specific purpose. Restylane effectively corrects facial contours, especially in filling moderate to severe wrinkles.
  • Filler E.P.T.Q – Korea: As the first filler line from Korea to be licensed for circulation by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, E.P.T.Q is proud to be a filler line that does not contain endotoxin residues, does not cause complications, has little swelling, does not pain with safety and durability over the years.
  • Filler Remigio: This is a high-end filler line manufactured by one of the leading corporations in Korea in the production of biological and therapeutic products. Therefore, this is considered a great product in the beauty industry at spas and beauty salons.

5. Are filler injections safe?

Fillers usually work for a certain period of time, some are fast acting for about 4 months, and there are types that last for 6 months – 1 year or more.

In fact, filler injection is very safe, without complications if you choose the right medical facility fully licensed by the Department of Health, a doctor with a practicing certificate, and a good aseptic environment.

Filler injection time varies depending on the injection site, usually lasts about 30 minutes – 1 hour. Filler injection is usually painless, the doctor can numb it or the injection product itself has anesthetic. In addition, filler injection can be combined with other methods as prescribed by the doctor in terms of time, injection method and care method.

6. Notes before injecting filler

Notes before injecting filler
Notes before injecting filler

Filler injection is a safe beautification method with quick results and absolutely no impact on health. However, special attention should be paid to the following before performing filler injections to avoid unfortunate consequences.

  • Accurately determine the origin and expiry date of the filler.
  • Absolutely do not use filler that has been opened before, without a protective label.
  • Pay attention to the effective time of each type of filler, usually this time will range from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the location and different types of fillers.
  • Before choosing a filler type, consider consulting your doctor before deciding to inject because some fillers are only used for a certain area. Make sure to use the right filler for the best results.
  • Another particularly important note is choosing a reputable and safe filler injection site, a qualified doctor to understand the structure of muscle tissue from which to have the most accurate indications and manipulations. . Provides the most effective wrinkle removal and shaping effect.

7. Notes after injecting fillers

  • Do not expose to direct sunlight, limit stay in high temperature conditions such as saunas.
  • Do not massage, do not touch the position that has just been shaped with filler to avoid the filler being deflected when the injection is not fixed and attached to the muscle tissue.
  • Avoid applying makeup at the injection site.
  • Limit the use of alcohol and stimulants.
  • Avoid foods that cause allergies.
  • Follow the instructions exactly and visit the doctor according to the schedule prescribed by the doctor.

8. Criteria for choosing a reputable filler injection clinic

Jolie Beauty Clinic
Jolie Beauty Clinic

To make it easier for customers to find a reliable cosmetic clinic when injecting filler, here are some criteria for choosing a reputable filler injection clinic that readers should not ignore. Use it to make the right decision.

  • The cosmetic clinic is licensed by the Ministry of Health to operate.
  • Spacious and modern facilities to ensure safety during filler injection.
  • The place owns a team of doctors with qualifications, good expertise and skillful techniques in the field of Filler – Botox injections.
  • Filler has a clear origin, is imported genuine, ensures effectiveness and safety.
  • The cosmetic facility received many positive reviews and feedback from customers.

And meeting all the above criteria, would like to introduce to you Jolie Beauty Clinic – The leading prestigious filler injection address today with professional staff and imported fillers of high origin and quality. We are committed to giving you the best results. For advice and beauty, please contact the Joile clinic fanpage.

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